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Ottawa Electricians
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IN THIS NEW ERA when everything moves so quickly, projects are no longer measured in years but months or weeks. Co-operation between building partners and end users is imperative. The phrase time is money has never been so true. We aim to accommodate our customers' needs as often as possible in order that we give them the best final result on their project. Due to our size we are able to make and implement changes very quickly saving time and cost for the end user.

At Anew Electrical Contracting Ltd. we strive to create the best possible environment for good relationships between the complete team including our customers, professional engineers, architects, general contractors, suppliers, and of course our own employees. This is possible by instilling good attitude for teamwork at all levels of the company. A positive attitude is then created which helps accomplish our daily tasks with pride and enthusiasm.

Our reputation for turning out quality projects on time and budget no matter what the task has become our trademark. Our strength resides in the pride and professionalism we demand of ourselves for our customers.

Anew Electrical Contracting Ltd. is a bondable company with our head office located in Ottawa.

  Ottawa Electricians

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